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Transportation and Infrastructure

Diane is committed to a strong transportation and infrastructure approach to move goods and people.  Diane was on city council when the Evans Fly Over project was completed.

She strongly opposes the Community Benefits Agreement of the NDP because it is fundamentally unfair and significantly raises the costs of projects by millions of dollars.  The NDP’s Community Benefits Agreements provide infrastructure contracts to union shops only.  She would replace this approach with an open and fair procurement and bidding process which would evaluate proposals on a mixture of factors including track record of the proponent, cost and design/concept.

Diane has made improvements and adding lanes to the Number 1 highway a high priority, noting the grid lock which slows down our economy and has people idling in traffic.   In addition, she supports a long term plan to add rail (this would have to be phased) which would tie into the municipal systems along the way.  The focus of the rail system would be to move people quickly and effectively.  As a significant infrastructure project, Diane is committed to strong financial planning and partnering with the Federal government for the project.

Diane supports using transportation projects as a tool for economic recovery during the pandemic, employing people across B.C. in good paying jobs.

Janzen noted that the NDP’s transportation policies have resulted in significant cost increases to projects, including project amendments that do not address transportation needs. The Massey Tunnel is a perfect example.  The NDP cancelled plans for a 10 lane bridge and replaced it with an 8 lane tunnel, which does not add capacity and is the most environmentally invasive.  In cancelling the original project $80 million was lost on the project and now it looks like the project will cost at least $5 Billion, almost double the initial approved project.  If the project had gone ahead as normally planned it would be half done by now.  In addition, the original proposal included the upgrade and modernization of 24 kms of Highway  99. There are countless other examples of infrastructure projects in BC seeing massive cost increases or going way over budget. She called this the NDP’s “less with more” approach.

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