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Chilliwack , like all communities, has struggled with homelessness. 300 people in Chilliwack are homeless with many more in precarious housing situations or couch surfing.  Diane supports the creation of supported housing, particularly for the more than 60% of individuals whose reason for being homeless is because of addiction or mental health issues.  This means housing which provides mental health and addiction supports.  All funding needs to demonstrate that it is actually resulting in a drop in homelessness over time. She notes that it costs more than $50,000 per person annually in emergency visits, health care, law enforcement and other costs in addition to the immense human cost.  Diane is committed to working with the City, BC Housing and CMHC to get this done.  She also is calling for more direct action on homeless camps in places like Oppenheimer Park and Strathcona that have erupted in neighbourhood concerns over violence, the presence of weapons and drug dealers who prey on the most vulnerable. Cities have been left with this problem with few options for dismantling them and there may need to be legal remedies to shut them down and move people into better situations.

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