Building a Healthier Chilliwack

Commitment to Healthcare

Diane served as the Chair of the Mayor’s Committee on Health and the Mayor’s Committee on the Chilliwack Health Contact Centre. Chilliwack established the Health Contact Centre that now provides 21 individuals with housing and addiction supports. She also worked hard on the issue of fundraising for health, serving on the committee that raised $5 Million to open up a new emergency ward at the Chilliwack Hospital. Diane also served as a community Board Member on the Division of Family Practice, working with doctors and health care providers to advance health care in Chilliwack.

Diane’s priorities in healthcare:

      • Address the doctor shortage in Chilliwack which has left 25,000 residents or close to one quarter of the population without primary care. I commit to working with the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice to address this key issue.
      • Make sure that we have strong services like maternity which was closed for a number of weeks last year.
      • Advance mental health supports by advocating for major changes in the system that now operates as a “catch and release” system.
      • Support the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre that helps more than 2,000 youth every year and ensure that they get sustainable funding.
      • Tackle the opioid and addiction crisis by advocating for a total overhaul of the entire system that has seen thousands of people die in the last few years and is totally ineffective. Advance a 4 pillar strategy provincially and in Chilliwack which includes prevention particularly with youth, more treatment beds in Chilliwack, harm reduction, and enforcement, particularly involving prolific drug dealers.
      • Ensure the safety and care of seniors by advocating strong standards for all public and private care home providers.
      • Advance a Silver Alert system like the Amber Alert system to locate missing seniors.

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