Fiscal Responsibility

Diane Janzen is deeply committed to fiscal responsibility as a core principle of good government.  The provincial government is responsible for handling $52 Billion in taxpayer money.  Strong fiscal management enables the provision of services and creates an environment where business can flourish.  Diane has a long history of strong financial management, delivering balanced or surplus budgets at Chilliwack City Council and the Chilliwack School Board every year in office.  This included both operating and capital budgets, including schools and city facilities, all delivered on time and on budget.

Janzen has questioned approaches of both parties and their excessive spending, creating deficits for generations to come which will result in either higher taxes or a reduction of services.  On the one hand, the NDP government has imposed 23 new or increased taxes as well as turning the carbon tax into a full-on tax grab.  Their approaches have resulted in a pre-COVID financial result of a $.  In addition, the spending promises issued on the eve of the election are in the millions without appropriate costing or a financial plan to get back to balance.  On the other hand, the BC Liberals have promised to eliminate the provincial sales tax this year and cut it back next year.  This will result in a $7.5 Billion revenue hole in the provincial budget, and would ultimately result in significant service cuts that would be felt across the province in key areas like health and education. Conservative plans are more modest.

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