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Diane Janzen is committed to the environment and to addressing climate concerns.  At the basis of the word “Conservative” is the word “conserve”, meaning to “take care of”, “to maintain” and “to cherish”.

The NDP have presided over a significant reduction in fish stocks and failed to protect this important resource.  Furthermore, they have converted the BC Carbon Tax to a full on tax grab, now totally $1.4B annually which goes into the black hole of government in General Revenue.  The promise of the BC NDP to reach zero emissions by 2050 during this election is nothing more than vote buying.  While the tax was promised to be revenue neutral and match every dollar collected at the pump with a corresponding tax cut, the BC Liberals ended revenue neutrality in 2013/2014 converting it to a another simple tax grab.

Diane Janzen and the BC Conservatives are committed to carry out responsible fact-based, scientific stewardship of the environment:

  • Protect rivers and lakes, including scientific conservation practices which address the significant reduction of fish populations that we are now seeing;
  • Recognize and promote the value of our parks and protect these areas while encouraging enhanced use and experiences, including working with the Chilliwack Tourism Commission;
  • Simplify environmental reviews by promoting the use of a single, joint federal and provincial environmental review system and provide certainty for industry to implement projects once the regulatory requirements have been met;
  • Watershed protection;
  • Supporting hunting and fishing with responsible management;
  • Support the development of alternative energy when backed by science;
  • Cancel the Carbon Tax and bring in measures that produce significant changes to emissions including the significantly enhanced use of electric vehicle. Also, Diane Janzen is interested in exploring a tax structure that would reward people working from home and those companies enabling that practice rather than punishing them.
  • Work with local organizations like the Vedder River Clean Up Coalition.


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