Investing in Our Future


Diane is deeply committed to education and has extensive experience as a School Trustee, Chair of the Board and past Director of Education for Seabird Island Band.

Diane is committed to the following tangible actions on education:

  • Building schools in our district which is one of the fastest growing in the Province
  • Restoring $12 Million in funding to independent distance education which was cut by the NDP
  • Ensuring better accountability at the provincial level that now no longer tells you how students are doing in the public school system in reading, writing and numeracy
  • Expanding choice including programming such as dual credit trades programs with the University of the Fraser Valley that enables students to get a B.C. Dogwood and trade certification at the same time
  • Continue to support the Apprenticeship Program
  • Working to restore Chilliwack Distance Education, especially during this COVID time.
  • Building on the positive graduation results of the school district
  • Promoting and advancing First Nations and indigenous education
  • Advancing support particularly for struggling students who do not have a category that results in additional funding
  • Strong basic skills in reading, writing and numeracy
  • Supporting independent schools as an important parental choice
  • Supporting schools of choice (e.g. Rosedale Traditional School etc.)
  • Working with the University of the Fraser Valley to support its ongoing growth and development and provide excellent post-secondary education accessible to Chilliwack students

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