Economic Recovery and Jobs

The Economy

Diane Janzen and the BC Conservative Party are committed to economic recovery and jobs.  Diane is your pro-business candidate and has a strong business background, having served on the board of the Chamber of Commerce for 6 years and operating her own small business. Diane and the BC Conservatives have a detailed local and provincial plan for economic recovery:

  • Work with the Chilliwack Economic Recovery Network including the city, CEPCO, the Chamber of Commerce, the BIA and others to take tangible action. This includes helping businesses access federal and provincial programs designed to help business.
  • Promote buying local
  • Utilize infrastructure projects to employ British Columbians
  • Suspend the carbon tax in B.C. immediately. Work with energy producers and suppliers to ensure prices for the consumers are dropped where it counts the most. The immediate implementation of this punitive tax will mean savings on the many needs of families – especially fuel, food, and groceries, along with home utilities in the most expensive seasons ahead.
  • Provide provincial tax credits for B.C. residents visiting B.C. recreational destinations this fall and winter. This will help sustain and build our tourism industry right here at home, and allow tourism operators to keep their staff employed.
  • Raise the threshold of Provincial income which is taxed. This will allow the workers of B.C. to keep more of their hard-earned dollars and spend them locally in the restaurants and stores of their community.
  • Work with industry partners to ensure new jobs created in B.C are held by British Columbians. This will help strengthen and build the economic well-being of local governments throughout B.C.
  • Work with the forestry industry to open new markets for finished products utilizing B.C. ports, providing jobs throughout the Province.
  • Work hand-in-hand with local community governments to ensure B.C’s vulnerable are cared for and kept safe.
  • Allow businesses that are following social distancing guidelines to re-open; these would include restaurants, pubs, and casinos. These businesses employ hundreds of thousands of people and support the communities they operate in. If they are prepared to follow all safety guidelines and protocols, they should be allowed to safely re-open immediately.
  • Ensuring that when it comes to the health of communities, local governments have the opportunity to be involved and engaged in discussions that affect their communities – not just health authorities.
  • Support resource projects through effective approval processes and provide certainty for implementation

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