The Downtown

Diane Janzen is the only candidate that has made the Downtown a priority.  The Downtown is the heart of our City and deserves our commitment and attention. Diane has worked downtown for many years making sure to shop and dine there, supporting downtown businesses.  Diane is committed to working with downtown residents, families, business owners and property owners along with the BIA, and the City to:

  • Support the great physical revitalization and transformation of the Downtown
  • Bring businesses back downtown
  • Support the residents and property owners of downtown by ensuring safe and appealing neighbourhoods
  • Advance beautification projects such as murals and helping to ensure a clean downtown
  • Work with the arts community to advance cultural and community events making the downtown lively
  • Advance affordable housing with BC Housing that will help people have access to attractive and accessible housing and access to reasonably priced home ownership
  • Work together on enforcement and public safety
  • Address social issues such as homelessness with housing, mental health and addiction treatment services appropriately located away from schools

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