The Opioid Crisis


Diane believes that the entire system in British Columbia needs to be overhauled as it is ineffective. The ongoing opioid crisis, declared a provincial emergency in 2016, has grown unabated. She advocates for a province-wide review and implementation of a complete 4 pillar strategy as follows:

  • Prevention: Focusing on the prevention of drug use particularly with youth.   Prevention has been a strong tool in other health issues such as graduated licensing for young drivers and smoking cessation campaigns which have significantly reduced car crash deaths of youth and decreased the use of tobacco, saving countless lives.
  • Treatment: Increase in the number of licenced treatment beds and facilities in Chilliwack ranging from sobering, detox, to short and longer term treatment and post treatment care.  There is a need to encourage people to seek treatment by fighting stigma.
  • Harm Reduction: This includes replacement therapy and other initiatives to prevent deaths in those who struggle with long term drug use. Diane does not support doing any harm reduction initiatives without a focus on the other pillars at the same time.
  • Enforcement: Diane supports strong enforcement of our neighbourhoods by the police and a focus on stronger sentences for prolific drug dealers responsible for the deaths of thousands.

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